We help your company to open markets in other countries in a sustainable way.


Strategic planning

We make it easier for organizations, through an agile and practical methodology, to define their path to achieve their goals and the implementation and monitoring through management indicators.


Strategic marketing planning

We support the company in defining marketing strategies to achieve its objectives through specific actions, achieving an increase in income, attracting new customers, loyalty and expansion.


Customer service

We intervene throughout the customer's life cycle by conducting workshops with the organization analyzing moments of truth and optimizing processes.


Change management

We facilitate the adaptation of the organization through change management methodologies to the implementation of new technological projects and structural changes.


Competitiveness profile

We carry out a 360º diagnosis of your Organization which allows us to identify opportunities and weaknesses in all its relevant aspects such as: Board of Directors, Management, Human Talent, financial, operational, marketing, commercial, customer service, among others.


Structuring, promotion and project management

Optimization of the organization's resources for the agile and timely execution of its different projects with PMI methodology, which translates into a reduction in time and costs.

¡We love what we do and we do it well

Our Products

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The Experience

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At Global Minds we are a consulting and training company made up of a team of multidisciplinary professionals, each with more than 20 years of experience whose objective is to help raise the competitiveness of companies to international standards with diagnostic tools, planning, implementation and tracing

The Metodology

We have it clear


We have improvement methodologies that adapt to companies from different economic sectors, helping them to take advantage of Globalization.

The Result

We Make It Possible


¡GLOBAL EXPANDS their program for small and medium-sized companies that REALLY think about GROWING AND EXPANDING THEIR MARKET INTERNATIONALLY!

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